Tales from the World’s Greatest StepMomster

Family. A few years ago I was writing a book on blended families. Then, my life changed and my blended family book was shelved alongside the divorce docs. As I slowly began to write again, I realized it’s not just blended families I’m passionate about, it’s all family. Here you will find my unique perspective on raising kids who become amazing adults. (Well that’s the plan anyway).

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In Spirit & On PURPOSE: On Family…

Ginger Rage Mom Attempts to Teach Her Children the Most Necessary Skill to Succeed in Life

My poor children. They are my inspiration in many lessons I both learn and teach. Recently, getting them to do their chores is not as easy as it [...]

A Reminder To My Children When They Are Feeling A Little Lost

Circle of Life - Artist Daniel Oberti - Spring Lake -A TribeLately I have experienced an abundant amount of soul searching. I am grateful for this. I am [...]

Building Bonds in a Blended Family

Photo Source: The more I talk to people about family, the more I realize “blended” is becoming a new norm. I have written a lot on this [...]

NO Is A Sentence.

This past Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be the speaker at the Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce- Women in Business luncheon. I shared with the fantastic ladies [...]

“Ology’s” to Benefit a Blended Family

Do you remember that magical feeling when you first fell in love with that special someone? The feeling of not being able to ever know enough about them? [...]

In Life, Mantras Matter.

Today is an amazing day of purposeful prosperity; full of love, blessed favor, great health, generous wealth and abundant gratitude. That is my mantra.  I first developed a [...]

Call Me (almost) Any Other Name, But the S-Word.

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“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. “
George Burns