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Top: Patrick’s, Left: Fisherman’s Cove, Right: Gourmet Au Bay

Oh how I love these gems. They are of my favorite ocean harvested delicacies. Living in Sonoma County, I love day trips to Bodega Bay. There are a few must stops along the way. Surf Boards of Wine tasting on the back patio at Gourmet Au Bay  Salt Water Taffy at Patrick’s, a tiny but well stocked candy shop. And BBQ’d Chorizo Butter Oysters at Fisherman’s Cove are scrumptiously slurped up with a beer or wine of choice. Legend has it, oysters are known for their aphrodisiac qualities. While I do get happy when these beauties hit the grill, I think it might be my taste buds working overtime at the thought of the garlicky Chipotle spiced goodness about to be consumed. More research will be required to confirm or deny any other heightened senses!

Happy Shacking, or rather Shucking.

in spirit and on purpose
Grilled Oysters in our backyard

What you’ll need:
Dozens and Dozens of Oysters…
(In the name of research people!)
Small or Medium sizes are preferable for this application. Miyagi or Kumamotos are my favs that I try to get from my local fish monger.
1 stick of salted butter per dozen, cut into diced bits for easy applying to the oyster.
1 bunch cilantro, chopped fine.
4 cloves garlic finely minced. Fresh garlic tastes best.
Chipotle Tabasco
Oyster Mitt or Cut resistant glove or multiple disposable towels to handle hot oysters off the grill.
Oyster shucking tool, something with a sturdy blade.

Set BBQ to temp of high to medium-high when using gas grill,

or place grate about 4 inches from hot coals.
While the grill heats, scrub oyster shells under cold running water
Discard any that are open as the oyster is dead and not edible.
Place oysters (cup side on bottom) on hot grill and close lid.
Depending on size it should be about 8 to 10 minutes or until shells begin to open
Remove all the oysters when the first one opens and set to the side for lid popping.
Some shells may not be opened completely and will need to be pried.
Using oyster mitt or towel, remove oysters from the grill – don’t spill their juices!
Pry oysters open using oyster knife or shucking knife (something with a heavy blade).
Once open, sever the muscle that connects the shell, leaving the oyster on the half shell. While still hot, return now opened Oyster back on the grill, shell side to grill of course; place pat of butter, garlic, cilantro and Tabasco on the oyster. Keep on grill just 2-3 mins. longer to allow for the butter and other goodness to melt and mix with the oyster juice.